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Ok just a smidge of an idea of what you get for your $195...

08.00 Friday morning will be broken into groups for training, this will be conducted by former and current Royal Marine Commando instructors this will include but not limited to

All instruction will be carried out by Tier 1’s ex-Royal Marine Commando instructors, some assistance will be provided by certain non-ex military staff nominated by Tier-1 instructors.
The subjects to be covered will be:
1. Aims and types of Patrols.
2. Patrol harbour drills including lying up positions.
3. Observation Posts (Selection, construction and routine).
4. Target reconnaissance and Close Target Reconnaissance.
5. Patrol anti-ambush and contact drills.
6. The Platoon attack on a fixed position.
7. Platoon ambush drills (day and night).
The above subjects will be covered in a logical and progressive sequence with one subject preparing and leading on to the next. All lessons will consist of an amount of static instruction on tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) followed by practical participation by the players in the form of “walk through-talk through” and practical exercises.
Normal cost if conducted separately $75 CAD for 12hr course

Then there will be forced rest period and group get together

Op will start Saturday am ...more information will follow once registered

follow the link there is more info being updated all the time on the website.

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