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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
I hear Craigslist M4M section has lots of guys, maybe try looking there
Originally Posted by Issei View Post
again not a big m4 fan i just dont like the look
God.. I hate being the grammar / spelling Nazi.. but the OP's ability / effort / lack of comprehension is driving me absolutely bat-shit insane.

Issei - a word of advice - please put a teensy-tinesy bit of effort into your posts. This is a forum, not instagram, not 'txt'ing, and not a facebook personal page for you to spew semi/totally incomprehensible, entirely punctuation-absent literary diarrhea to people only interested in friending you in order to read your spewage. The side-benefit of putting a bit of effort into it, is that people WILL take you more seriously. They may even believe that you are over the age of Majority (18+) .. because right now, your writing is screaming out "10 year old".

I am sure that i would not be the only one appreciative of even a minimal effort on your part.

I doubt, however, that you will even bother to get past the first few words of this post with anything further than a "ya whateva is a mp5 a good guy?".

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