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1) What weight BB do you use in your main AEG?

.28's, I just adjusted from .25's due to outdoors play. I find them much more effective.

2) What weight BB do you use in your sidearm?

.28's as well, or .30's if I can get ahold of them.

3) What weight BB do you use in your sniper rifle?

.30's currently, I'm having hopup issues with my VSR, however I'm still getting great results. I would rather be using .36's

4) How many weapons do you carry out into a game? (including sidearms)

While playing, Usually just a Primary (PPsh41,) and my secondary (TT33) just incase. I do bring a few other guns depending on whats needed in a game. VSR10, SG550, AKS74U, RPK, etc... Much to list!

5) How many upgrades have you made to your main gun?

None, currently. I'm happy with how its performed outside of the box, aside from a repair on the wiring.

6) What is your preferred weapon class? (ie. SMG, machine pistol, AR, DMR, etc)

Mixed bag. I'm a huge fan of SMGS, they make a big part of my collection since I like a more compact, versatile gun. But I do tend to carry others depending on the situation.

7) What is your preferred 'role?' (ie. Sniper, support gunner, etc)

I'm a fan of Support and Sniper. I started out doing one or the other, so its kind of stuck. Trying to start moving more, so i've made an effort to be more up front.

8) What would you do for a klondike bar

I would steal the souls of a thousand orphans, pack them into a pickle jar and draw a smiley face on it. Then use it as a ritual peice to summon the greatest ice cream candy bar the world has ever seen.

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