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1) What weight BB do you use in your main AEG? .28
2) What weight BB do you use in your sidearm? .30
3) What weight BB do you use in your sniper rifle? N/A
4) How many weapons do you carry out into a game? (including sidearms) 2
5) How many upgrades have you made to your main gun? Well, not sure you want a number, but to a TM SOPMOD/SOPMOD CQB-R: Upgraded spring, 9.6v proprietary batts, gold contacts kit thingie cause the stock battery contacts suck. All by
6) What is your preferred weapon class? (ie. SMG, machine pistol, AR, DMR, etc) AR
7) What is your preferred 'role?' (ie. Sniper, support gunner, etc) Civilian human terrain team member that doesn't want to get killed.
8) What would you do for a klondike bar? Replace klondike bar with bottle of bourbon and just about anything.
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