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Originally Posted by MASAKO View Post
You guys stop bumping this thread, everytime I saw made me a want new blaser from FCC.

To wildcard, let say I have a realsteel complete upper receiver minus bolt, can FCC tech machine those to fit FCC cylinder and possibly inner barrel ? Do I have to send parts to Hong Kong ? If so, can you take care all paper work ? All I want back is a complete rifle with FCC internal. Thanks.
Sorry bud no can do, that upper will be seized you have better luck getting someone to do it here instead, All their upper and lower measurement is taken from the real steel counterparts ie. when they were in Toronto earlier this year they took measurements off my NEA and my HK .308 (civi 417) the only thing that you can actually send back without hassles are deactivated mags, buffers, rails and other small parts. real upper and lower you have to smuggle it and if you are caught you're kinda fucked.

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