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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
I am assuming Systema is pot metal whereas FCC is full cnc milled which I think is great value. Heard too many horror stories about cracked Systema receivers.

I am not a HK416 fan, but a generic M4 or Vltor type of receiver is preferred so looking forward to the new line up. Does the FCC accept Madbull rails? I never use ACM rails on my guns.
FCC use T6 Aluminum CNC for their high end FFL/416/XM177 but they are now also launching their budget Cast/CNC cut metal body, the same as their FTW, their future platform will also feature their CNC and a budget version. The only difference will be that the budget series will have little or No CNC parts but their electronics and motor will be the same. Madbull rails will fit with some minor modification, all FCC rails are based and measured from their RS counterparts with some modification.

One of their new platform will be made with Stamped steel for aunthenticity while the other will be their CNC process. If you would like to see them first hand drop by TTAC3 when ever there is a game and I will be more than happy to let you test them out.
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