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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
Ever since I got into this sport, a Systema has always been my dream gun, and after owning so many VFC, G&P, and a few TM guns, may be ready for one.

But I have also been following the FCC posts and more interested because FCC has gone beyond Systema.

My big question is, are FCC internals interchangeable with Systema parts or FCC has complete developed their own standards?
SuperHog, FCC is completely compatible with Systema, CTW or any other Systema based PTW platform. FCC will be launching a new platform that will be completely different from Systema based PTW and obviously with new platform comes new model of TW not just M4 base. The new platform will be launched in late 2013/early2014 we are just working out the kinks on the prototype before final testing and production run.

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