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For a basic loadout, I would start with this:

1. ANSI 87.1 or better eye protection

2. Some sort of basic face protection

3. Proper footwear (hiking shoes, combat boots, nothing too heavy)

4. Something to hold extra magazines or water or other random things (for example, something like this if you're running an AK:

5. Gloves (Mechanix makes fantastic gloves, I own Mechanix Originals and the MPact2 gloves. You can find them at Canadian Tire)

6. Something to contain water. If you buy a Chicom rig, you can fit some water bottles into the pouches.

7. Lastly, a set of BDUs. Start with the simple stuff. Obvious green patterns like Olive Drab, Ranger Green, CADPAT, Tiger Stripe are good to start off with. For tans, Tan, 3 Color Desert, Arid CADPAT and Multicam are good. Check your local army surplus store.
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