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Ever heard of concussion grenades??? That's what the thunder b shell (the black tube cylinder one) is modelled after. The mk3 I believe. The other thunder b shells are the dumbbell shaped flashbang and the green pineapple grenade. The way we used the thunder b's was as a concussion grenade. If some ass was camping in a barn we would use it to take him out. If he was in the structure, and it went off, that was a kill. The only way for him to survive was to kick it out before it went off. In my opinion calling a kill if I'm not hit by a bb when it goes off right beside me is not lame. It's Milsim after all, if a grenade would have killed me in real life there, I'll call it. Same as I don't talk to my team mates once I'm dead. Cause in real life dead men don't talk.
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