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So, I picked up my King Arms P90. Absolutely love it.

However, there's a sticker on the box that says it's been 'modified to shoot between 370 to 450 fps.' Is this normal? I haven't had an opportunity to chrono it yet (not until sunday). Worst-case scenario I swap out the spring for an M120.

I'm still undecided on a pistol though. Currently I'm leaning towards the KJW 1911; I like the fact that it has both CO2 and GG/Propane mags available for it. (CO2 for outdoors, GG/Propane for CQB)

Tokyo Marui is out of the question--getting age verified in my area is nothing short of a pain in the ass (so I can't view the sales forums), and none of the retailers I know of carry TM stuff.
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