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Let me open by saying, good points by both sides of this debate.

I am a new player. Only been playing for just over a year. So a newbie view is what I am giving you.

I LOVE real cap games.

- In short, having someone or myself just holding down full auto on an AEG hoping to get a lucky BB in seems just silly. Pointing at the sky and trying to lob a BB at someone doesn't do it for me.

- Also as mentioned by LongBong and a few others, there is a stress level added by having to reload...and realism. At Longs last game after 5-6 hours of fighting I finally ran out of the 200 (allowed 300 but didn't bring my loader) or so rounds I started off with. Reloads, and the constant worry about running out added to the intensity. Hell right near the end we were running off mags with 3-4 bb's in them, when Invasian ran out of mp7 mags, I tossed him one, he of course continued to destroy people...TEAM WORK Just really adds a whole other level to the game.

- If you don't think you have the range to hit your target, then move to a location of advantage. For example my last outdoor game myself and Invasian ran with a mp7 gbb and a glock. Many solid kills (many of which were glock kills) were thanks to speed and flanking.

- As for enforcing the's just as easy as people not calling hits issue. DON'T PLAY WITH THEM. It's also easy to tell if someone is shotting with a mag with 30 rounds in it or 100+ I want to note that I may have a narrow perspective when it comes to following rules. I tend to play with really good groups of people, so people cheating really doesn't happen. I've never really been exposed to people cheating, I think I'm lucky and very fortunate in that aspect.

To sum up, real cap adds to the game in many ways, and is definitely the way to go. I would strongly recommend anyone reading this to try to have a real cap game for their next game. Max 300 rounds and 600-800 for support. I'm going to make a generalization here and say many people choose to play airsoft for the aspect of realism, playing a real cap game only adds to the realism. In the end, this is all a matter of preference. Play hard, be honest and have FUN!
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