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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
what are we all going for? realism.. semi only is not necessarily "realistic" modern soldiers carry select fire weapons for a reason. But all modern training doctrine is for Semi automatic fire. Support guns obviously must be permitted to fire on Full auto, or the utility of them is lost.

Ammo limits are the path to realism, not restrictions on the use of auto fire.

If you set and stick to strict limits for ammo, the use of full auto will moderate it's self.

Some of the best games I have run with respect to feedback set a strict ammo limit of 300 rounds FOR THE ENTIRE GAME for rifles, and 600 for support guns. over game play of 10 hours duration.

When you load up in the AM all the ammo you will have , every trigger pull is stressful, it's this stress that is remembered as fun at game end.

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