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Originally Posted by rstirl101 View Post
To all those who proclaim that they are sharp shooters of unrealistic distances...
Most of my perfect kills with my VSR-10 were within a mere 140ft lol

I believe in the knife tap mercy, and the obvious kill.
mercies only count if you're able to physically tap someone with your training knife, or if it's one person you're mercying and you've got them dead to rights. Guys that turn around and shoot you, well, that's just a huge dick move. Yes it's embarrassing, but it's really no different than if they'd shot you, but here they're saving you some pain and you just turn around and tell them 'fuck you!' right to their face.
Although I hate when people then go and brag they mercied someone at shooting distance, that's just being retarded. It's only impressive when you get a knife kill lol

For all other occasions, shoot them in the plate carrier lol

And I agree with people arguing how the game should be enjoyed/played.
Airsoft (at least in the prairies) is run by majority milsim enthusiasts, and although we can't stand playing with 15 hicaps or miniguns or swords, doesn't mean we can bash other styles of play.
Guys play airsoft speedball like stereotype paintballers and that's fine if that's what they wanna do. But if they come to our games, it would be best if they followed our rules. And vice versa.
Just because the gun looks real, doesn't mean the game has to be realistic lol

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