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Our skepticism comes from experience. New guys, land owners and ranchers who think that because they own HD-DVD copies of Boondock Saints, that suddenly they are Mr. Milsim. You come here not offering a whole lot to chew on, so we are in our right minds to be skeptical. I'm sure the 18 people confirmed going will have a good time. At least that's what your Facebook page says the roster will be, and hey, that's great!

So hey, feel free to tell me how I've never played a milsim, I don't know what it's like to cook without an open flame and TRY to show how you're a more 'tactical' guy than me... You can even try to tell us how your game is going to be ten times better than the WestCan series ever was. I'll wait for the after action report and see what the real players, those on the ground have to say about the organization, field layout and cost/value is. By the way, which company have you hired to do your Pyro?

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