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Originally Posted by Kim-Haze View Post
Bang bang motha f****.

Seriously not disapointed I always feel i ask stupid questions and nevertheless you guys answer them politely and really well too. I'll probably be asking more questions as they come up :P
I highly suggest .28 if not .30g BB's for outdoor play, especially if you play with ammo limits, no hicaps, and almost every shot counts (which kind of sounds like you do with the milsim thing). Personally I've switched to .28's but I might go .32 (I think only 1 company makes these at the moment) after I test a bag or two. From .25 to .28 it's made an almost night and day difference to me especially since I play mostly semi auto (and short 1-2 sec bursts when I need to bug out and peel back at most). Plus I play short-medium length scenarios and scenario based daysims and whatnot so it'll probably be even more effective for you if you play milsim.

BTW If your questions are like the below two then you're likely not going to get a polite answer. But otherwise everything else like the original question is pretty much fair game.

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