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Mags. Highs, Mids, and Lows.

Newb question here:

So being new and reading alot about airsoft and watching alot of videos I have come to find that there are Mid, low, and High Caps Magazines.

Out of curiosity, I looked up more about High cap mags and how they work and I see you have to crank a gear on the mag to "prime" the mag to fire more rounds. Some videos online I can see people firing AEG's Full Auto one handed while cranking the mag with the other.

I'm new so excuse my ignorance, but it seems a bit cheezy and weird to me to hear all the rattling of these mags, and hear people cranking mags in the middle of a firefight.

If/when I get an AEG will I be able to get Magazines that have a more realistic amount of rounds that do not require any cranking? (and don't sound like a baby rattle)

Thanks in advance.
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