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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
I do like the heat sinks on the end bell, very nice touch.

And I agree with the $500 being just dandy.
When you look at it in retrospect, your stock motor goes down, and the downtime alone is going to be 4-8 weeks depending on circumstance. So you're most likely to buy a NEW motor while the old ones being rebuilt.
So around $200 to get that rebuilt, and $250 for a new motor, so there's $450 right there. And the new motor might be a 7511 and ready to fail at any second.
So despite the FCC motors so far being pretty darn good for track record at a very affordable price, a lot of us with PTWs wouldn't discount a $500 motor with a good warranty on it.

And speaking of motors, in high demand applications it's the same story with AEGs. Do you want to pay for a $30 motor every few months, or buy a lonex and risk it being a brush muncher, or just spend the $80 to get a Tienly/eagle force?
The Motor I was mentioning is a new type motor that require a new type of gear set and teh prototype manufacturing cost of over $500, the final cost could push it close or pass the $700/motor retail and I don't think there will be enough demand in the market to sustain such a project. The price of things are shocking I recently went in to my Bicycle shop to replace my disc brakes I was shocked to see a $12K Full suspension mountain bike I mean Holy shit $12K for a carbon bike? so who knows if the demand is there maybe Sailun will push teh Black motor project ahead....if teh demand and funding is available.
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