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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
I know guys with 3-4 motors who probably spent $1000 on them over the years. If a company can make a motor that would last hundreds of thousands of rounds with perhaps several $30 brush changes over the course of years, guys would pay $700 or more. Guaranteed.

But nobody is going to want to be the guinea pig. That is the problem.
Lol exactly. I have the habit of buying two or three of the same type model of airsoft over the years even on the 1,2,3 gen PTW motors, ecu etc because I know they will break. but at one point a good buddy (Tys) ask me is all that backup for a backup of a backup neccesary? I guess everyone of us did have a collection of parts or backup parts for all the tempermental toys like airsoft at one point or another. The tech available to do a super motor now is not quite there yet but experimental prototype can be build but the cost of it is too much for one small company to bear and the return of investment ratio is far to great to risk. A few oldies here can probably remember the experimental V2 CNC Stainless steel mechbox that cost us almost $2000 each back in early 90's where only 12 was made and even then it diddn't resolve the dreaded V2 mechbox cracking issue and back then who would have guessed all the V2 really ever need is a cushion for teh piston to reduce the impact force.......a $.50 fix if that.

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