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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
You also forgot the part Brad on how much the market are willing to pony up, I was told that a "perfect" motor would cost in excess of $500, now I don't know if most players that run a PTW will even consider touching that. $500+ for a motor that are well build and bullet proof sounds like a death to any company in terms of making their profit, as good as it sounds it's just not a smart business decisions plus I wouldn't even want to know the R&D cost in time and design labor to that motor.
If a stock motor now costs $250 as a part, a $500 motor is definately a marketable item. I have some motors now that have $450 invested in them between initial cost + rewind.

Guys who run Nascar or F1 burn up $100,000 motors like it is a cost of doing business. Same for PTW, if you play with the big toys, you pay like the big boys.
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