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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
There is lots of design changes that could be made. Windings could be thicker, but that means more turns, more armature mass, and the weight penalty would mean slower RPM. The brushes can be improved. The trueness of the comm could be better. Spring strength could be better. Height adjustment to accomodate the variety of aftermarket lowers and gearboxes would be nice. The better attention paid to smooth layering of windings, a soldered comm joint, solid lashing and dipping to prevent winding resonance are good places to go.

Yep. Good luck finding a motor out there done like that. PTW motors are by far the cheapest motors I deal with.
You also forgot the part Brad on how much the market are willing to pony up, I was told that a "perfect" motor would cost in excess of $500, now I don't know if most players that run a PTW will even consider touching that. $500+ for a motor that are well build and bullet proof sounds like a death to any company in terms of making their profit, as good as it sounds it's just not a smart business decisions plus I wouldn't even want to know the R&D cost in time and design labor to that motor.
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