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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post

This is one of the batteries I used
Thanks I have a link to RCmart/hobbyking for the battery saved, I just don't have the need for them atm as i am still trailing VENOM & Zippy RC batteries.

As for the 16v in a PTW. I am not impressed. Their are AEG tuners out their running 22.2v LiPO 65C 4400mah in their guns. People have been running 12 and 16v NiXX batteries long before that on the AEG platform.

Brushless motor will impress me. A LWRCI M6A3 Full ambi selector, mag release, bolt release, capable of shooting >800+fps. Or better yet, a AK-74, Type 95 TW.
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it would appear I am not first up in this gang-bang
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