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Originally Posted by Azathoth View Post
Apologies if this is off-topic

Like I said I'm not affiliated with Systema at all, I just go through the same channels that everyone else like Tackleberry does to get parts (and soon complete guns).

I'm not a NiCD purist. Finding a quality LIPO is a issue. Brad alluded to it earlier.

I've found that the NiCDs are good enough for the PTW system and although I actually prefer running LiPO I don't like running batteries outside of the gun. I have had several firefox and other branded buffer batteries fail in AEG and PTW alike. I have yet to find a buffer LiPO aside from the pair of systema ones that I have last more than a season or for that matter more than two dozen charges.

On Topic(ish):
My issue with FCC is not with the product but the marketing. IE MILSPEC items that are not clearly not milspec (buffer tube, magwell geometry) marketed/sold as such. It's not like FCC didn't know the difference either, based on what you have posted in other threads they intentionally misled the market.

I really would like to have a 3.0 FCC motor to use/abuse and see if it really is as rugged/reliable as it is being marketed. But I have never had a catastrophic motor failure that a lot of the people are talking about.
Well there is some issue in Japan, ORGA is probably one of the best shop when it comes to PTW they are like the tackleberry of JPN they have been getting issues with QC rifle and no parts so much so that they went to Tony for motors and FCC for motors parts and other essential items, whether some retailers or distributors are hoarding them or not it's not right an dit sends teh wrong message when one of your retailer in your own country could not get parts. As for FCC milspec well buffer tube is measured off a real buffer BCM and VLTOR ( I got them teh VLTOR) mags I just send them a new M3 magpul mags in regards to fitting RS stuff myself and a lot of others have no issue on it, all 5 of my FCC rifle have RS VLTOR/MAGPUL/stocks and my XM actually have authentic XM177 foregrips, stock and front triangle sights.

Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Motor failures are generally due to heat cycling, and it seems to me heat cycling is worse on LiPo batteries. I'm guessing because of the higher voltages there's just more wattage going to the motor creating more heat.
AFAIK the NiCd's supply comparable amperage to the LiPos and that's why systema always used them

And I understand the FCC motor is not the end all be all motor, but we want it to be! and that's why we're so critical of it lol
How much work is it really to redesign the head properly? At the very least I'd like to see the original 4 axially mounted screws at the head of the motor where the most force is going to be applied.

I could write an essay on why side mounted screws are a REALLY bad idea, but you just need to look at any industrial motor out there
At first I thought the same way How hard can it be to change the specs?, well after seeing it firsthand and the amount of money and work involved I understand fully why some manufacturer especially small ones like FCC cannot react immediately to failed designs. chnaging designs cost money and when you already invested on the design there is a certain margin they need to make before going to the next unfortunately following other design is not an option for several obvious reason. FCC don't just test their stuff on bench, 98% of their staff except the two girls in the office play everyweek this is how 80% of the design is tested, are they mechanical genius or engineer? NO All of them are tinkerers, well some of them have engineering degree but they are all players including the three owners so they do understand the frustration of running a TW platform and they do attemp to make things better but within their financial and technological ability. Are they perfect? well no but they are trying.

They do encourage their distributor/retailer and user to give them feedback, all constructive comments here I forward it to the boys and some of those have made it down to the 3.0 some have not for again several reasons and beta testing that result in failure in other parts.

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