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Originally Posted by Azathoth View Post
I'm not a NiCD purist. Finding a quality LIPO is a issue. Brad alluded to it earlier.

I've found that the NiCDs are good enough for the PTW system and although I actually prefer running LiPO I don't like running batteries outside of the gun. I have had several firefox and other branded buffer batteries fail in AEG and PTW alike. I have yet to find a buffer LiPO aside from the pair of systema ones that I have last more than a season or for that matter more than two dozen charges.
try the ones from NANOTECH and GEN ACE so far they are the best ones I've used, I went through almost 8 different brands before i settled on these two the C rating is consistent enough that I ran my gun till the battery is drained (stupid but I need to know the limits) it ran no issue and no swelling like the others teh Firefox is the worst, the Systema 14.8 is ok but I still prefer the NANOTECH and GEN ACE. During my stay in HK we tested the new prototype core/motor with Systema 14.8 and some 16V LiPo that they use to run RC, so I know that these cores will definitely ran and the motor held up under stress (we gamed them too using M150spring)

One of the conditions of partnership I have with FCC is that I get to break their product and so far with the exception of Pinion gears, 2 motors (using a 45C LiPo) I have not much luck, I even ran one motor with a 16V at full auto until the solder melt, re solder and re shoot with no issue.

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