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Apologies if this is off-topic

Like I said I'm not affiliated with Systema at all, I just go through the same channels that everyone else like Tackleberry does to get parts (and soon complete guns).

I'm not a NiCD purist. Finding a quality LIPO is a issue. Brad alluded to it earlier.

I've found that the NiCDs are good enough for the PTW system and although I actually prefer running LiPO I don't like running batteries outside of the gun. I have had several firefox and other branded buffer batteries fail in AEG and PTW alike. I have yet to find a buffer LiPO aside from the pair of systema ones that I have last more than a season or for that matter more than two dozen charges.

On Topic(ish):
My issue with FCC is not with the product but the marketing. IE MILSPEC items that are not clearly not milspec (buffer tube, magwell geometry) marketed/sold as such. It's not like FCC didn't know the difference either, based on what you have posted in other threads they intentionally misled the market.

I really would like to have a 3.0 FCC motor to use/abuse and see if it really is as rugged/reliable as it is being marketed. But I have never had a catastrophic motor failure that a lot of the people are talking about.
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