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1) You can buy a chrono or usually the places you play airsoft, they will chrono your gun before hand.

CQB fields are typically under 350 FPS, where as outdoor is 370-400 FPS.

2) I don't know about the other guns, but you can do a quick google search and add FPS to the end of it. I think your KWA MP7 shoots fine for outdoor 350fps+, not for CQB, your WE P226 should shoot fine for indoor I recall around (280-330 fps).

- You can buy a "NPAS" system for your KWA MP7 which allows you to adjust the FPS, or something called a "Dangerwerx valve" which should bring you down to 300-330.

- Barrel plug/cover should be $5+tax, probably buy them locally. They are just to prevent a bb from flying out of your barrel into someone's face.
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