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Almost ready to play, just a bit more info needed.

Ok so I live in Guelph, I am fairly close to being able to play this sport. I have a few questions though before I show up to a game with all my gear.

1) The first thing, how do I get my gun Cronoed? I will be playing at Flag Raiders. Can I just show up with them, I have 4 and ask them to do it for me?

2)All my guns are stock, what are the chances I have to change something inside them in order to make them playable on field or CQB? I have a KWA MP7, Lucid LG3, G&P M4 Navy Seal and a WE p226. And if something needs to be changed, where do you usually go to get this done?

3) Boots, what are decent boots to get? Almost all games I read about say you should have a decent pair of boots to avoid injury. I know of a place out in BC that sells boots, and they seem to have nice tan tactical ones for about 100 dollars. They have a zipper down the side. Would those do?

I just looked at Dr Jimmy's post for an airsoft game on the 20th of this month, he said that a barrel plug needs to be purchased, I am guessing that this is a safety item and that it goes in the end so a BB does not get accidentally discharged.
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