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I have not had any specific issues with my FCC 2.5 motor as of yet, but I'll be monitoring it closely next year.
But as Brad said, for the love of god change those brush hood screws to plastic!!!
And you don't have to go purely on Brad's word for that one. Systema and some others have tried using metal screws on AEG motor before, and those are the motors that give us the most problems.

Also, I don't like the new motors construction, I don't trust that in the slightest. All screws holding a motor together need to be mounted axially. It's been that way for decades, and there's a good damn reason for it. I understand and respect that FCC is trying to re-invent the wheel here, but some things are just terrible ideas and that right there is one of them.
Are the threads on the housing roll formed or cut?
I guarantee those threads aren't tight tolerance and those are just regular socket head screws. There's natural slack in all threads to begin with, and if by some chance someone under torques or goes over yield strength on a screw, that motors gonna come loose and burn out your bearings really fast, and it doesn't take much misalignment to kill a bearing at 25000rpm
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