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I don't understand what the deal with parts from Japan is. I have had zero issue in getting parts direct from the factory (and I am not a wholesaler, dealer, retailer, distributor or have any relationship with systema).

I've put in three part orders in the past 5 months, and had delivery within 2-3 weeks. I don't understand what the hoopla is with getting support from the factory that people are talking about.

I have a gripe with the 2.5 motor. It gets very hot under 9.6v NiCD and struggles to pull a stock systema blue cylinder when the battery is at 75% of charge. Same battery at 75% charge in a stock 490 cycles the gun cleaner and it doesn't heat up the motor. At about 50% charge 9.6NiCD the FCC 2.5 cannot cycle the M110 at all, however a 490 can continue to cycle the gun for another 200-300 rounds.

Observed with two different 08 factory guns now, with factory electronics with three different FCC 2.5 motors.

This tells me wither the 2.5 pinion gear is not meshing properly with the bevel gear ; or something is terribly wrong with the motor.
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