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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
That's good. The armature is and really always has been the problem with the Systema motors since the introduction of the 490 and continues to this day.

However, the recent switch in wholesale by the playing to community to lipo has introduced a new issue, and all motors, regardless of manufacturer have been falling prey to it.

I would advise you to tell FCC to stop with the metal screws, they clearly haven't listened to me one bit.
Well recently has been more than just armature, there has been reported issues of misalligned gearboxes (where teh gears are mashing/grinding the actual shell), bodies and DOA motor from Factory QC unit from Systema its like the world turns to shits for them and these are just the local Japanese users bitching.

LiPo usage is not the big issue if Company like CTW can have mosfet that does not fry after a 14.8V battery usage I don't see why Systema is having such an issue with theirs. Even Tony has refused to do any work on the Evolution aside from his own modified version and from what I was told he was using the older gen modified motor and boards.

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