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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
Wow....just....I don't....

Its been said already. We can't delete your account as it fucks up the user database, and you're not special enough to warrant introducing corruption to the site's production database.

Now, if there's maybe something ELSE we can do to accomplish what you want, which I assume, is to not have a known username and/or email address associated to this site, perhaps because you're applying for a CSIS security clearance or some other activity that you think this association may compromise....just say so.

But be warned , you've pretty much maxed out the totality of administrative fucks that can be given by any one (or group of) admins. I mean, we're pretty much all administrative fucks, but the fucks that we give are strictly limited to one-two per day, and I've maxed mine out trying to sell all my shit.
I just imagine you guys looking like this sometimes

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til ya understand who's in ruttin' command here."

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