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Someone who's rich needs to buy some kind of big boat, like a cruise ship and some smaller motor boats with machine guns mounted on them. Maybe even a chopper to drop men off on the boat. Can you imagine the fun scenerios using those things!

Imagine how many dead airsofters we'd have?? Mind you it would aid in weeding out the morons.
What the hell are you talking about dead airsofter? How do you figure someone would die?
I think he is referring to idiot's falling off of boats & drowning or people falling out of a chopper cause they didnt secure themself to it.

That's all that came to mind in about 10 seconds.

Anywho I love woodland. Lot's of fun.

Ha, yea I figured he meant stuff like that, but come on, There's a chopper in keystone strike and of course there's the very small chance of someone having an accident, but if you look at it that closely and you're that paranoyed you wouldn't bother leaving the house because you could trip and kill yourself

But yea I must admit, the chopper dropping men off onto the boat might be a bit too dangerous.

Maybe everyone could just start on the boat, or it could be docked and part of the game is in the forested area by the river. Maybe there's a hostage on the boat.

I can just see mini-guns and machine guns mounted on the ship/boat pooring BBs in the bush. :lol:

EDIT: Yea open field with just BAs and GBBs, in tall grass you can lay in and crawl places. Ahh!, it's a ground hog :kill:
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