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It's not like I haven't held a P90 in my own hands. My buddy has a KA P90 and let me dick around with it; I absolutely love it.

As far as the range goes, I'll put in an extended inner barrel and cover it up with a suppressor like another guy I've seen do it.

For customization, the only thing I want on it is a red dot sight, and to be able to quick swap the springs.

I know about the mag issues; however to my understanding it's mostly the highcaps that have most of the issues? Or do the midcaps have feeding issues too? (both of my buddies who have P90's haven't had any mag issues other than a few dry shots every time a new mag is inserted)

The ergonomics are fine; in fact, at first I wasn't sold on it until I held one in my own hands. I instantly fell in love with it.

Other than that, I don't quite understand what you're telling me, other than you just don't like 'em. Elaborate?

As far as my secondary weapon, I wasn't dead-set on the Elite Force 1911 in particular, it just looked like a nice fit. My other choice is a KWC 1911 (CO2), should I go for that instead? Or should I just go for a propane/GG 1911?

I don't mean to sound argumentative guys, I'm just trying to understand your reasonings.

(Also, to the mod who cleaned up the thread, thank you)
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