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My Finalized Base Loadout (KA P90 & Elite Force 1911 TAC)

After doing a lot of research, deciding what I wanted in a gun, my price range, etc I finally came up with this finalized loadout for my base kit. Being much more experienced than I, I was hoping you could provide some final feedback before I start dropping the dough.

In the four-man fireteam I'm part of, we sat down and decided that, as a unit, we should run the same base platform as our main arm so that we can interchange equipment (notably, lending mags mid-firefight) if necessary. We wanted something compact and mobile, for CQB, while still wanting the accuracy and range of a rifle for outdoor gaming. We eventually agreed on the P90.

King Arms P90 (Tri-rail variant)
3 x 100rd KA plastic Midcaps
A.C.M. Aimpoint red dot sight

Elite Force 1911 TAC (CO2 BB)
3 x KWC C02 1911 Mags

.28g BB Bastard Bio BB's

For indoor games, I'll use the quick-change spring access to swap in an M90, and run .23g BB's
Main: King Arms P90
380 fps, AEG

Sidearm: KJW Taurus PT92 (olive drab)
320fps, semi-automatic. Propane GBB

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