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Originally Posted by Laike
Being stupidly allergic to mosquitos (trust me, the amount of bites I recieved, still no immunity) I've discovered the most potent mix to control bite/swlling/itch is AfterBite (I never have found it to sting) with Tigerbalm, Cortisone, and Anti Histamines (Benedril etc). With that, I find myself not itching anymore, but feeling like a needle poking into the bites.

Anyways, I'll try the bounce theory next time I go out. I'll skip the deet and carry a few sheets of bounce, if anyone else wants to play guinea pig.

i hear u man. i'm allergic too and by reading ur post u do pretty much everything i do too except when i pop an anti histamine and i pop a cold medication too. when i got a bite last summer and went to the doctor to get a shot the doctor just told me to take a clariton and an advil cold and flu. apparently the chemicals when u take both is the same as getting the shot but not as extreme where as u can't work after.
the cordizone creame is really good. the over the counter isn't as stong as the prescribed one but boy does it heal quick. from insect bite to cuts and burns.....cordizone is a steroid for the skin....don't eat it.
to prevent from itching u guys should try nail polish or super glue. reason for the itch is exposure to air like a scab.....itches when it heals.

i've spent enough time in the hospital due to those damn squiters and i dont intend on goin back soon *knock on wood* so i use muskol. i have heard about the effects of deet like birth defects and cancer but i don't wanna go back to the hospital. i usually spray myself making sure all plastics are at least in the truck or 20' away. i learned that the hard way with my camera the first week i got it. i noticed that the aerosol spay does eat away at reflective strips on clothing also but i may be wrong.
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