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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
Go to games which enforce a semi only rule for rifles. Mid cap or not, it reduces the hose effect and most people start shooting smarter.
We went to Semi only over a month ago.

We first did a poll on the private forum for Hill437. Surprisingly it was 27:1 to go semi.

Since we went semi, I can assure you guys are going through WAY less ammo now at our field. There is no spray and pray now.

And its irrelevant of how many bbs your mag holds now. Guys are simply not shooting as much period.

And this was not a minor change. It was major. I am seeing some guys now go on the field with just pistols and shotguns. Leaving the AEG in the car.

This also took care of the guys whos guns shoot 40 RPS and swear they are only tapping on the trigger and somehow only letting out "a few bbs" (cough)

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