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Originally Posted by Aper View Post
Sometimes this is impossible, so you suck it up and do a little recon once in a while if going oscar mike might compromise you and your squad.

A lot of people need to learn that you don't always have to shoot in airsoft, especially in Milsims. Some players are not ready to pay 20-30$ a day only to shoot a total of 8 BBs (real experience, happened to me last year).

Before going real cap, a player should know his rifle, it's capacities and range first, and then understand the game and his role on the field.
totally agree, and Im not arguing against that, because it all boils down to personal preference.

Am I the guy that plays to get as many "kills" as possible, or am I the guy looking for as much realism as I can get. (within the reason of plastic BBs of course)

My point is, I understand there is a compromise when having all the players switch to real caps. But for all the potential "kills" you might lose, you gain so much more tactical realism. (personal opinion)
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