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Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
Being a participant in Quebec'a real cap games, I can say from experience that they are more intense and I enjoy them much more. In the first one of the year I chose to game a saw, and I can say that the feeling of having overwhelming fire superiority was amazing. By not being a total idiot in its use I was able to successfully turn the odds time and again in our favor and if not eliminate dislodge the opposition from positions we didn't want them in. Try this in non rc game and it would be much different. I can also say in an rc game that I have been on the receiving end of LMG fire and it can turn the odds against you rather quickly.
You bring up a good point. in a typical skirmish a saw/LMG has less of an impact than a real capped event where many will conserve ammo instead of pointlessly trading BB's. A lot of times, regular AR and AK operators will lean on the trigger thinking they are an LMG.

A good fire team/line that fires for effect and will exhaust their ammo to either make a stand or fall back can accomplish a very similar effect. It's more intimidating actually since the continuous hail of BB's is coming from multiple directions.
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