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Originally Posted by CR0M View Post
another thing real caps would help is friendly fire. when you only have so many shots left, you really really have to I.D. your target.
Real caps doesn't fix idiots; it just means they get to kill less team mates without reloading :P

Originally Posted by Reaver_RRTS View Post
Real caps would be fun to use, but since I'm not exactly the greatest at one-shot-kill yet, I'll stick with my midcap and AEG... for now. :P

While I understand the concern, know that nobody has 1:1 shot/kill ratios. Playing real cap only means you'll be in semi most of the time, you'll learn to not shoot at stuff you can't hit, you'll learn to aim better, you'll tune your gun out of necessity, etc. When everyone is playing that way it works out for the best. So don't lower the bar for yourself thinking you won't be able: you'll walk away proud of what you manage to accomplish. This game can be so much more than just racking up "kills."
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