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I use to be a huge advocate for real caps, but unfortunately as lurking knight mentioned 1bb does equal 1 bullet. It usually take 2 even three rounds to accomplish what 1 bullet could do. Wether it be twigs, grass, wind or "I didn't feel it" that being said the more "elite" players wait until they are guaranteed a strike before engaging a target. So for elite Airsoft the rule can apply but for general Airsoft I think it just isn't applicable

I am a low cap guy (though I run Ptw, my whole team stricktly enforces the half stroke method of only half loading your mags)

I don't like mid caps and I absolutely loath hi caps.

As a standard every one on my team and that plays on our field adheres to the semi first rule. Full auto is acceptable in short controlled bursts (3 sec) and only ehen situation calls for it. Ie ambush, lone man, cover fire ect.

When it comes to a friendly fire incident the shooter calls himself out for poor target identification and trigger control, and the shootee (?) stays in regardless of argument. That being said if there was no way to realistically identify or tell or the shootee started the engagement, well them lesson learned. Shooter stays in. 90% of the time it ends with the shooter walking off.

Another rule we stricktly enforce at home and away is "swatt paper scissors". If there was an incident where both shooters feel they got the other, there is absolutely no need for raised voices, halt in game play or involvement of admins. You simply Rock Paper Scissors for whom stays and move on. Then is and equally fair chance that you win or lose equivalent to whether you hit him or not. And if the other party can't be bothered to partake then you know he's a lying piece of shit and you can feel better knowing that you caught him in a lie. Regardless walk off and respawn, that's just good show.
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a Systema PTW is like KD, where the noodles are plated in gold and the cheese sauce is actually a pool of hot naked women.

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