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I'm still fairly new to using the different styles of guns (AEG vs GBBR) and my only real experience is my PX4 sidearm :P I do love the recoil and the power it has for such a small weapon, and I like the sound the GBBRs make when they fire, but (this is just me) I don't like having to constantly fill the mags with gas and lubing it every other mag it's a little tedious for me (not to say it's not necessary for proper maintenance as with any weapon) but I'm more fond of just load up quick and get on the field to enjoy my day. Mind you I enjoy longer range combat (switching to a designated marksman role and keeping my f2000 for urban environments) so I understand the situation regarding the long range firefights.
Real caps would be fun to use, but since I'm not exactly the greatest at one-shot-kill yet, I'll stick with my midcap and AEG... for now. :P But if someone sneaks up on me and tags me, props to them, I applaud your ninja skills and ammunition conservation. Real trooper right there. None of this high-cap spray and pray nonsense we see from speedball converts with high ROF SMGs in your face four feet away.
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