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Originally Posted by DarkNozomi View Post
So, I have a few questions, I HAVE read a fair bit but a lot of threads seem to already assume you understand things... and I'd prefer to confirm before spending many hours and hundreds of dollars

1. I only want to buy Tokyo Marui products, since they were nice enough to introduce me to the sport. is this feasible/advisable? I've heard mostly good things about them... is there any retailer in the GTA that carries them?
First, do not limit yourself to one brand of gun. Personally I own every brand of gun under the sun because they all really serve different purposes. You can buy a shitty 100-200 dollar gun that could become your stand by CQB weapon, or a simple back up. One of the retailers here was selling a smoked clear soft MP5K that came with the battery for retardedly cheap. I picked up two of them. I use them as options for rental guns, as well as having it as an ultra portable backup for CQB.

Another reason that was already stated is that not every company makes every gun. If I could I'd buy every AEG I own as Real Sword brand as they are rock solid and have some of the best stock internals of any gun. That is unfortunately not really possible as they only make AK variants and Type 97's. In many cases if you are looking for a particular gun there are usually two choices: The "Good brand" and The "Shitty Brand." Do a bit of homework and find out if the "Shitty Brand" is what you are looking for or if it would be wise to pay extra for the higher quality gun.

While Tokyo Marui's quality is top I've seen a few TM guns that I would define as "fragile." I'm fairly hard on my kit - and by hard I mean smashing it into trees hard - so having something that I know won't survive a good blow is not ideal. Almost every TM Pistol I've seen has been really, really good.

2. Although some people say it's difficult, I really want to dual wield pistols. Is it better to have two identical pistols, or a stronger one in your main hand and a faster one in the off hand, or something?
It's not really practical. I won't go into extended detail about it because it's not one of those things you can explain without going into some massive detail. My experience in Airsoft has me leaving a side arm at home for exclusively outdoor games. I very rarely need it and if/when I do I usually won't get the range I need out of it.

Since you are an akimbo pistols kind of guy I imagine you got the idea from tacticool shootan vidya. If you want a good example of why dual pistols is a bad idea... On a medium/large sized map in Call of Duty run around with exclusively akimbo pistols. Do not use any primary, or a tactical shield, or anything. Just pistols. Watch what happens to your K/D Ratio. Kinda the same reason why it's a bad idea.

GOD MODE CHALLENGE: Play Battlefield 3 exclusively running a pistol in Conquest. No "Close Quarters" Maps. Prepare your anus.

3. Would it be weird/cumbersome/illegal to have a P90 as a backup weapon, maybe in a knapsack in case I run out of pistol ammo or need to change up? That's 3 weapons in total, most pictures I see are of people with just one AK47 or something.
Odd question, don't really now how to answer the second part. Most games would consider your "Primary" the P90, and your pistols as secondarys. Some games have secondarys running unlimited ammo, and some share the same ammo pool as your P90. Some games have no limits. Depends on the game.

4. Do we need to wear the full military fatigues and balclavas, etc? I'm willing to splurge on it if it's the unofficial dress code but would feel silly if I was in the minority.
Depends on the game, but you'll find in Ontario you can't go anywhere without seeing Multicam. Too much Multicam up in this.

5. If you get hit during a game, are you like, done for the day? Or do you just wait a certain amount of time and then restart (like lazer tag)? Mostly I'm worried about booking off a day and having elite players kill me in 30 seconds.
Depends on the game, but at most you are usually sitting out for five minutes. Many games may have you simple return to a point on the field and instantly respawn there.

6. In general, is the community friendly and welcoming, or are people aggressive and nasty? Competitive spirit is expected but I'd prefer to avoid people who can't leave the aggression on the field.
Actually aggression on the field is usually a bad thing. The "CALL YOUR HITS" or "YOU FUCKING CHEATING CUNT" are usually unwelcome and ruins the spirit of the game. Fight have almost broken out a number of times because of player confrontation. The general atmosphere at games is the "you are among friends." Go up, talk to people, meet new friends. You are all there to play Airsoft and are shooting at each other with guns. There is no better ice breaker.

Most of the snarky-ness is on ASC and if you ask stupid questions prepare to get destroyed. There have been many legendary tiered threads this week that have generated much funnies for the spectators.

7. Do I need to be on a "team" or can I just register and show up to a game? I don't know anyone at all involved in the sport. Do people help explain things to newbies?
If you ask, explain you are a newbie, people will help. No one hates newbies. People hate know it alls. Know it all newbies are the worst.

Mostly you sign up for a game in the games section, and then show up. Do everyone a favour and show up on time. Everyone has a habit of running on Airsoft time and as a host it annoys the hell out of me. It starts eating into the game time and pushes everything back for everyone.
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