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Get a primary first, then a (good) pistol if you have the money left over. Do not start with two sidearms. Get AV'd and go to your local retailer, then you can try looking down the sights of a pistol and you'll see that aiming two will be a pain in the ass. Oh, and gas mags are pricey too, so dual-wielding would be an expensive route.

For respawns it'll depend on the game/host, but in most cases there just seems to be a respawn that you just walk back to (serves as a 'timer').

If you're in Toronto you'll probably play CQB at Ultimate Airsoft at some point, so don't overlook gloves. Shots to the hand up close hurt like a bitch even with gloves. As for eyepro, do it properly (ESS, Revision, etc). Eyes are worth more than the 40 bucks you might save by getting something cheap.

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Airsoft players are more than willing to talk about their gear.
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i actually dont like COD. im more worried that airsoft will make me violent or messed in the head.

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