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Serious about getting into the sport, a few questions

So, I have a few questions, I HAVE read a fair bit but a lot of threads seem to already assume you understand things... and I'd prefer to confirm before spending many hours and hundreds of dollars

1. I only want to buy Tokyo Marui products, since they were nice enough to introduce me to the sport. is this feasible/advisable? I've heard mostly good things about them... is there any retailer in the GTA that carries them?

2. Although some people say it's difficult, I really want to dual wield pistols. Is it better to have two identical pistols, or a stronger one in your main hand and a faster one in the off hand, or something?

3. Would it be weird/cumbersome/illegal to have a P90 as a backup weapon, maybe in a knapsack in case I run out of pistol ammo or need to change up? That's 3 weapons in total, most pictures I see are of people with just one AK47 or something.

4. Do we need to wear the full military fatigues and balclavas, etc? I'm willing to splurge on it if it's the unofficial dress code but would feel silly if I was in the minority.

5. If you get hit during a game, are you like, done for the day? Or do you just wait a certain amount of time and then restart (like lazer tag)? Mostly I'm worried about booking off a day and having elite players kill me in 30 seconds.

6. In general, is the community friendly and welcoming, or are people aggressive and nasty? Competitive spirit is expected but I'd prefer to avoid people who can't leave the aggression on the field.

7. Do I need to be on a "team" or can I just register and show up to a game? I don't know anyone at all involved in the sport. Do people help explain things to newbies?

Sorry for the list of questions... if these are wrong or annoying please just lock the thread. I'm just hoping to hear from people who are experienced and have useful thoughts. Thanks!
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