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~READ THIS~ Rules Reminder!

Seeing as this infraction has been given out far too many times in the last week for my liking, some people need to be reminded of the classified rules.

3) Do not replace prices with "SPF" or "SOLD" when an item is sold. Instead, put “SOLD” or “TRADED” next to the price and add the word "BANANA" to your original post. Do not delete or edit out the content of sold listings. Sold items are moved to a searchable archive for potential buyers and sellers to see how much items were last sold for.

If your listing contains multiple items, mark items as "SOLD" and only add "BANANA" after ALL items in the thread have been sold: threads containing the word "BANANA" will get moved to the archive!

If you have new information to add, and the time period has not yet expired since your last valid post, then just add this new information in to the last post or in to the original post!

3) Do not bump with "BANANA", "SPF" or "SOLD": just edit it into one of your existing posts;
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