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I am going to come in and support Brad,

This type of example is very apparent with gas guns. Any of my gas guns chrono clean 420 w/0.2g, however when I shoot my "desired" weight .40g BB the velocity only drops to 350 ish. This is a HUGE increase in muzzle energy.

Another example. my AEG shoots consistently at around 420 w/0.2. It also shoots the very close to 420 with 0.32g

420 w/0.2g = 1.61j
350 w/0.4g = 2.24j
420 w0.32g = 2.58j

In both cases, after i walk past the chrono station, my muzzle energy has climbed ~38% or ~60% respectively. In the one case my AEG is over the equivalent 500 fps considered field safe.
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