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Originally Posted by 666 View Post
Check this one out
IronFace Mesh Lower Facemask Review - YouTube

Honestly, if you are really concerned about face shots than look at shemaghs like it was said before. Those things are not expensive and pretty universal, unless you are building specific impression and shemagh doesn't fit in it. Serious facial injuries are not common, at least where I play. BB hits are not as bad as one might think. Keep you mouth closed and your teeth will be fine.
That makes sense to me. It looks more comfortable (and fashionable) than a face mask anyway, and if it will at least take some of the welts and bleeding of face hits out of the equation, that should be more than suitable. I think most of the fields around here are open, wilderness type places than CQB, so, I'm hoping to not be shot up close in the face too often anyway.

I'll couple it with some goggles, of course. I'm just getting in to the game, so, I'm not really sure I want to invest in some full Rx goggles yet, so, I think I'll just try and find some that will fit overtop of my glasses for now, and if I find that I enjoy the game and want to keep playing, maybe I'll invest in some down the line.
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