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the Rx insert kit for goggles is usually about 20 bucks or so. Then you take that frame like you would any other to your optometrist to get fitted for lenses. You can get some pretty cheap lenses for around 50-60 bucks.. depending on your prescription. My eye glasses are like 200-300$ lenses with all the coatings and thin/light weight options...

For your goggles, you don't need thin/light weight... they clip into your goggles which are held on by a giant elastic strap.

You don't need anti glare... your goggle lenses usually have that already.

You don't need anti fog if you get the right goggles that have a fan.

The only problem with the rx insert that is if you are like me with a wide head, the rx insert is not comfortably wide enough so that you get an unobstructed field of view. My eye glass frames are generally in the 50-55 width.. which is on average about 10mm wider than most other people.
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