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Face Protection for Glasses-Wearer

Hello all,

After meeting with my very friendly age verifier, it was recommended to me that I make my first purchase a decent set of eye protection. Sadly, this is complicated by the fact that I wear glasses, so, I'm not actually sure what would work for me. Ideally, I'd go to a physical store and try on some different masks until I find something that fits, but, there aren't many in the area, and selection is limited. Before I start digging around for a retailer in the area that might carry something, I was wondering if anybody might suggest something that could be purchased online.

Another issue, of course, is the face mask. I'd prefer to have one, rather than just goggles (call me a coward, but, I don't like being shot in the face). I'm told this makes it difficult or impossible to aim down your sights, however. Are there any ways around this? Maybe some guns like those AKs with the folding metal stocks (they angle downwards slightly) would give me enough room to aim? Any tips are appreciated.
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