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I personally have no issue running realcap mags (i run a gbbr lately) and even in my aegs i load 30 or 40 rounds into my midcaps and again have no issues.
I run 30's have a good hop up (promy smooth bucking and bridge tensioner) and cant remember the last time i shot full auto (aside from doing it for shits and giggles on my indoor gun pushing 30rps)
It had been said in the sniper community that FPS=range and for the mostbpart in a well tuned bolt action that is true but the reason it holds true is because it allows us to use a much heavier BB to remain consistant at the longer ranges. My 320 fps mp5 has just as much range as my 400fps m4 and my 380fps 416 gbb4 is even beter cause the nature of gas allows me to run 36's effectively even at the lower fps as they will absorb more energy and thus hold energy longer increasing effective range. Do i want everyone to run realcaps, not really cause most of the good players alrdy do run real or lowcaps anyhow and the ones who need/want to run 90-120rounders or hicaps prolly need the extra ammo to put up a challenge for us more experienced players anyhow, let em hose the cover my squad is behind. Whike they are busy blowing off rounds ill just grab a teammate or get on the horn to another squad to flank their asses while they are too focused on hosing one area they will get shot in the ass.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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