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While I do agree with running amo limits. You can't compare BB's to bullets. Yes in an open area you should be able to cope at 1:1. However, an obstacle as simple as a leaf will cause a BB to deviate, where as a bullet would not. Real cap is not as simple as running 1:1 in the bush. This doesn't mean you need 2-3 times the amo count, but an increase from real bullet counts are in order.

Totally agree with Brian McIlmoyle's statement.

A huge part of the problem, IMO, is so many players don't really understand how airsoft range and accuracy works: so many people, even otherwise experienced players, hold true the erroneous concept that "more FPS = more range."

Heavier ammo, better quality ammo (consistency between shots), and a well tuned gun will go a lot more to extend your range than an extra 20 fps ever will. .28, .30, 36 ammo WILL punch through leaves even at range and in a properly tuned gun will extend your effective range more than you could ever hope to achieve with a power upgrade.

And that honestly is where the game goes to a new level: people shooting less, more accurately at longer ranges instead of spaying cheap .20s from hicaps.
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